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Typical Session
Term Dates and Events
Costs and Enrolment


What happens at Playgroup?

  • Arrival
  • Free play activities, painting and craft
  • Pack up toys and activities
  • Snack time
  • Story and singing time on the mat
  • Outside play
  • Goodbye

Check our out Typical Session page for more detailed information.

When is Playgroup run?
CSP is held 9.30am-12pm Tuesdays and Thursdays during school terms  - make sure you check the term dates as sometimes they do differ slightly. CSP does NOT run on public holidays.

What are the fees?
Check out our Costs and Enrolments page for the most up-to-date information.

What are the term dates?
Check out our Events Calendar to find out the dates and any extra activities for the year.

How many sessions does my child attend a week?
Assuming there are spaces available, it is up to you to choose which group or combination of groups your child attends.

Do you have a waiting list?
We limit the number of children in our groups. Some sessions can fill up quickly and this can mean it is necessary to have a waiting list. However, we can quite often fit you into the session of your choice.

Free trial
So how do I know if me and my chid/ren will like CSP? Don't worry, we offer 1 free trial session to make sure you do like it! You'll just need to complete the trial registration form to participate.

How do I enrol?

You are encouraged to attend a free trial (1 session) to ensure you and your child/ren enjoy the format. Once you have decided you'd like to attend, you'll need to complete the online enrolment form.
It is the parent or carers responsibility to let CSP know of any change of address, phone number, custody situation, doctor or emergency contact number. You can advise your Group Leader or email .

What is the Playgroup Victoria insurance fee for?

*All members are required to have public liability and member to member insurance. CSP obtains insurance through Playgroup Victoria. An annual insurance fee of $40 per is payable per family upon initial enrolment and once CSP receives this fee from the family, new member details will be forwarded to Playgroup Victoria.

How do I register for Playgroup Victoria?

You can register for Playgroup Victoria on their website. You will need the CSP ID number to register (53261). Once you have paid the insurance fee you will be provided with a personal Playgroup Victoria ID number.

What sort of organisation is this?
CSP is a parent-run, not-for-profit organisation whose continued operation depends on enrolment fees and fundraising. We are registered members of Playgroup Victoria.

Do you have a sun smart policy?
CSP has an established sun smart policy. Please provide your child with a hat and apply sunscreen prior to arriving at Playgroup, especially during terms 1 & 4.

What if my child becomes sick?
Children showing signs of illness (fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, conjunctivitis etc) are not permitted to attend in order to prevent cross infection.
Any communicable diseases are to be reported to CSP to alert other parents/carers of possible cross infection eg chicken pox, whooping cough or German measles.

Why attend CSP?
Our Playgroup nurtures the well-being of both adults and children in a safe and supportive environment. It's a wonderful place for each person's unique contribution to be respected, acknowledged and appreciated.

Playgroup encourages children to learn and develop through play, offering play experiences that are:

  • child-centred
  • fun for all including babies
  • physical activity that also supports gross and fine motor skill development
  • a balanced range of experiences from which children can choose freely
  • appropriate to children's stages of development
  • supportive of shared play
  • focused on building skills and self-esteem
  • non-competitive
  • self-expressive through art, crafts and construction
  • supportive of each child's language development .
I already go to mothers group why would I want to go to Playgroup?
We asked our members and this is what they said:

* I love the fact that at playgroup my daughter gets to play with other children of all different ages including slightly older children

* Although my daughter gets to play with friends from Mothers Group quite frequently, and my son enjoys watching her and her friends play, playgroup is great because he gets to see other babies of a similar age, and as he gets older will have similar age children to play with which he doesn't get at Mothers Group

* Playgroup is structured so there are craft activities set up to do each week. I don't need to think of what to do and cleaning up is easy, especially with paint

* We have learnt lots of new songs at playgroup, and it is always giving me ideas for craft and painting activities to try at home

* It is great to be able to chat to other mums who have older children already in kindy or school, to find out what lies ahead

* Because all the activities are set up and there is a playgroup leader to help it has been very easy to attend with a toddler and a newborn, and other carers there are always ready to help out

Can my mothers group join Playgroup?
Yes absolutely. Playgroup is an ideal place for mothers groups to meet. Great toys and activities for the kids, time for the mums to chat and enjoy a cuppa and best of all no one has to clean the house before or after you meet!